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Handshakes Jerry and Young Athlete Practicing on Tennis Court Posing With Tennis Racket

USTA's Adaptive Tennis Committee

Inclusive Tennis Programs

Sports and recreation deliver a wide range of benefits to people with social and learning challenges, but many programs don't do enough to make these activities inclusive. At Jerry Weil Tennis Programs, we run inclusive tennis programs in New Haven, CT, and throughout the Tri-State Area.


With the right adaptations, everyone can enjoy the game of tennis. We modify the game to make it accessible and inclusive to everyone. For example, we might use larger balls or modify our lessons to accommodate individual needs. Our goal is to ensure everyone can participate and have fun, no matter their skill level or learning challenges.

Jerry works hard to develop a relationship with all his clients, understand their goals, and create a program that works for them. Contact him today to discuss a program that works for your school or organization.

Young People Playing Tennis